How to Prevent Washing Machine Leaks

Maybe you have saved up enough money to say farewell to laundromats and buy your first washing machine. Or perhaps you’ve used one in your home for years. To avoid malfunction, there are some best practices to prevent washing machine leaks. Older, top loading washing...

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DIY Plumbing Tips for Buying a Replacement Toilet

Are you planning to replace your toilet? Maybe you are updating the bathroom and want a new toilet color to match your new paint or wallpaper. Some plumbing tasks seem simple enough, just follow the steps. Until a hidden problem is revealed. Or, you discover that...

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Homeowner Tips for Sump Pump Failure and Maintenance

Many people may not have considered the need to check their sump pump to ensure it is functioning properly. But if it fails, the results can be potentially catastrophic. An annual sump pump maintenance checkup by a qualified plumber can help prevent problems that have...

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What Bathroom Fixtures are Needed for a Universal Design?

Modern home design trends often embrace multi-functionality, and the bathroom design is no exception. Many bathroom renovations include a universal design, which means that the layout and fixtures are accessible for anyone. What is included in a universal bathroom...

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Helpful Tips for Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance

Now is the perfect time to schedule annual air conditioner maintenance for your home, no matter what type of A/C system you have. Before the weather gets hot, have the system serviced and inspected. A qualified HVAC contractor will be able to identify and fix problems...

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Tips for Optimum Comfort with a Home Heating System

A complete home heating system provides warm comfort during chilly weather; but it needs occasional maintenance to keep it working great. Some of that is minor upkeep tasks that a homeowner should perform on a regular basis, while other maintenance tasks are better...

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Hot Water Heater Purchase and Maintenance Tips

Regular indoor maintenance ensures systems work efficiently when you rely on them throughout the year. A home’s hot water heater is just one of those systems that could use some help right now. Whether you are maintaining an older hot water heater, or considering the...

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Central Air Conditioning Efficiency Tips to Consider

Temperature fluctuations this time of year may have you wondering about the effectiveness of your existing central air conditioning unit. Or, perhaps you don’t have central air and want to have it installed this year. Here are a few tips to consider about home central...

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Five warning signs that your water heater needs help

Water heaters are something that we rely on daily, for a hot shower, long soothing bath, clean clothes and dishes, and more. But when your water heater stops working, you miss the convenience that you enjoyed throughout the day. Here are five warning signs that your...

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